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Do It Yourself Tour

Living in a time when everyday life is becoming more and more dependent on ready-made products, applications and artificial intelligence, we easily forget the meaning of the term “do it yourself”. Until the first failure or shortage of supllies. The “Do it Yourself” tour will show participants how people coped with these challenges in the far past, but also not so long ago. A world without electricity, supermarkets and YouTube tutorials had its flaws, but it also encouraged creative development and various practical skills. The seven-day tour will allow visitors to get to know and experience them, enjoying the rich heritage, idyllic landscapes and superb delicacies of northern Croatia along the way.


Day 1. Zagreb – Krapina. Instead of a shopping center, a cave: Museum of Krapina Neanderthals; lunch; how to survive in the Middle Ages: Lobor and the sanctuary “Majka Božja Gorska”, journey to Trakošćan, overnight stay.
Day 2. From splendor to stables – a day on a feudal estate: visit to Trakošćan castel and selected OPG in the surrounding area (Brezova Gora, possible by bicycle); challenge for the daring: plowing with an old plough; Trakošćan, overnight stay.
Day 3. Find your way! – a trip to Ravna Gora with, depending on the time of year, a short mushroom picking course; challenge for the daring: paragliding in the sky of Zagorje (in cooperation with Paragliding club Kolibri or Let), Trakošćan, overnight stay.
Day 4. Craft day: how to knit logožar in Kamenica (in cooperation with collective “Korpica”) and make ceramics in Jerovac (Keramika “Mecena”); lunch at OPG (Jak or similar); Trakošćan, overnight stay.
Day 5. Lepoglava: From monks to punks – what do monks know, and what do prisoners know; practical tricks of the Zagorje home craftsman; when craft becomes art – Eco-museum of Lepoglav lace; departure to Varaždin
Day 6. In Varaždin market – everyday life in the Baroque capital of Croatia; craftsmen and artisans; challenge for the daring: try your hand at the traditional mjena, a natural exchange of products at the market (in agreement with TZ or the City Museum); overnight stay.
Day 7. Departure in the direction of Zagreb, i.e. Novi Čič (KUD “Čiče” estate): an alternative to fast fashion – a small school of making traditional clothing made of linen; lunch on the estate; return to Zagreb early in the evenig.